Kingsborough Early College Secondary School of Tae Kwon Do

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Quick Announcements

After School Starts Tuesday 9/16/2014

Class is canceled due to Family night Thursday 9/18/2014

About Us

Is the offical Tae Kwon Do School of Kingsborough Early College Secondary School

We are a chartered member of the Independent Tae Kwon Do Association Charter # T-178512 

We are also a registered training facility of USA Tae Kwon Do: Club 6358.

Students in our school begin studying Tae Kwon Do by enrolling in a 15 week elective course called History of Martial Arts Cluster. Students in this course learn the history of various Martial Arts. In addition they are physcially trained in the basic movements of Tae Kwon Do.

Upon completetion of this cluster students are given the opportunity to take a Tae Kwon Do Belt promotion test.

Once the cluster is finished students are then offered the opportunity to continue their study of Tae Kwon Do in an after school program offered at Kingsborough Early College Secondary  School.



2630 Benson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York | (718) 333-7850

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